University of Richmond students enrolled in Exploring American Mathematics (M395) in the fall of 2018 created the original version of this website. Working with Professor Della Dumbaugh in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the students envisioned, planned and completed individual research projects with media components.  These projects form the content of americanmathematics.org. 

Please direct inquiries related to the project to ddumbaugh@richmond.edu.

Project participants:

Basel Arafat

Jennie Baker

Malik Bell

Sakile Nia Carter

Oliver Cho

Victoria Davis

Lavinia Deng

Dario Falcone

Max Haar

Josh Hammond

Myrsini Manou Georgila

Meghan Murphy

Andrew Paek

Jacqueline Palmeri

Anisha Patel

Shivani Patel

Madeline Polhill

Jonathan Rodriguez

Marissa Sisco

Smaragda P. Spyrou

Lanqin Wang

Zach Winter

Sherry Zhu

With generous thanks to Basel Arafat, UR 2020, for his unwavering commitment to see not only his individual project to completion but also this website; to Mark Nichols, Manager, Academic Computing Systems at the University of Richmond, for his patient help with software tools and implementation; to Mike Dixon and Nabeel Siddiqui of the University of Richmond CTLT for technology and financial support; and to Rob Nelson, Lauren Tilton and Taylor Arnold who believed in and encouraged the idea of this website from its infancy.


This website is intended for educational and research purposes only. All media used on the website is, to the best of our knowledge, not restricted by United States copyright according to United States Code Title 17. Please direct any inquiries to ddumbaugh@richmond.edu.